Welcome to the PM CONNECTIVE

Partnering with stakeholders in healthcare globally to empower patients to receive better treatments through better testing


The Diaceutics PM Connective is on a mission to increase awareness about testing so that every patient is empowered to make the best possible decisions in his/her treatment journey.

This has the immediate implication that the diagnostic ecosystem needs to be modified. Through advocacy, patients will be the agents of change that will allow them to receive the right treatment, at the right time.

Current Position of Personalized Medicine The Promise of Personalized Medicine
Multiple stakeholders, Different goals, Misaligned incentives PM Connective PM Connective will be highly disruptive to traditional therapy model
  • Payer goals vs Pharma, Dx Co
  • Patients vs regulators
  • Solid vs liquid testing
Market likely to reward investments which integrate technologies /clinical impact
Patient not in focus PATIENT ENGAGEMENT Established professional HC providers will lose influence
  • Holistic view of patient pathway
  • Limited patient empowerment, eg, self-testing
Stronger patient voice driving use of PM solutions
Shortsighted mindset LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE Substantial commitment required to politically non-palatable investments
  • Insufficient focus on outcomes
  • Reluctance to invest pro-actively in building infrastructure
  • Asset focus
Building PM infrastructure to deliver improved outcomes in the long run
Imbalance of power BALANCED VALUE Need for currently stronger stakeholders to relinquish some power and profits
  • Power is where the profits are
  • Regulation a disproportionate burden for smaller Dx
Allows to sustainably "grow the PM pie" through long-term efficiencies
VALUE NOT PROVEN EVIDENCE OF UTILITY May not be able to always compellingly prove utility and HE benefit
  • Concern that innovation increases costs
  • Lack of robust HE evidence around testing
Payer buy-in to broader PM concept


The Diaceutics PM Connective is a communications and advocacy platform, where all stakeholders in healthcare, embrace the better testing needs of patients and join efforts to upscale the reach of Precision Medicine. The Diaceutics PM Connective is led by a Patient Advocate and guided by its Board Members and the Strategic Task Force.

The Board and Strategic Task Force members of the Diaceutics PM Connective are leaders in the PM space, coming from all stakeholder spaces in healthcare. Their role is to guide the efforts of the Diaceutics PM Connective to success in its initiatives of increasing awareness and advocating for better testing practices.

The goal of the Diaceutics PM Connective is to continuously make alliances with different patient groups, to raise their voices in their specific diagnostic needs. At the same time, all these patient groups will join their voices, to advocate for their one communality:
To change current infrastructures to adopt better testing practices to accommodate patients’ needs to be able to make the best treatment decisions available to each of them.

Empowered patients are the driving force in modifying the diagnostic ecosystem that will ultimately allow each of them to receive the right treatment, at the right time.


For further information, please contact Piarella Peralta

PM Connective
Email: piarella.peralta@diaceutics.com