Who we are

The PM Connective is a communications and advocacy platform, where all stakeholders in healthcare, embrace the better testing needs of patients and join efforts to upscale the reach of Precision Medicine. The PM Connective is led by a Patient Advocate and guided by its Board Members and the Strategic Task Force.


Our Mission

Stakeholder Partnering
Empowering patients to receive better treatments through better testing in healthcare globally.
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Empowering Patients
To receive the best treatment available to them, through better testing.
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Disrupting Healthcare
So that patients receive better treatments through better testing.
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Understanding diagnostic outcomes absolutely empowers patients in a way we have not seen since the early days of patient advocacy and diseases like HIV.

Peter Kapitein, Patient Advocate

The initial diagnosis was really overwhelming but the information available to review in a simple format really helped when it came to understanding how the process would unfold.

Patient feedback, Cancer suvivor


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