Our Mission

We Want Better Testing!

Patients play the ultimate role in advancing healthcare practices that are to their benefit. Empowering patients with the right information at the right time, will allow them to ask the questions that need to be addressed during crucial times in their diagnostic journey.

Joining forces with patient organizations in different disease spaces in different regions of the world, will drive the change needed in the Diagnostic ecosystem. For more information on the We Want Better Testing! movement, read our Manifesto on Diagnostics.

Stakeholder Partnering

The PM Connective is a platform of leaders in each stakeholder space in healthcare joining forces to strengthen the voice of patients and their loved ones to receive Better Testing for Better Treatments, Better Outcomes and Better Quality of Life.

Please meet our Board and Strategic Task Force. If you would like to join, please contact us.

Empowering Patients

Great impact is created only by asking the right questions at the right time.

Understanding that proper diagnostic testing practices are what stands in the way of each patient and the best treatment available to them is crucial, so ask these questions to your physician.

Modifying healthcare infrastructures to support the Better Testing practices is crucial. Alliances to drive change in policy and reimbursement are key tasks of the PM Connective and its partners.

Disrupting Healthcare

Although healthcare is meant to be built around the interest of patients, many of today’s practices are not ultimately serving patients’ best interests. The inadequacies in diagnostic testing practices is an example of this.

Only by raising the voices of patients and their loved ones to receive the best care available, we can change the way healthcare is organized.

To learn more about our standpoint please read Our Manifesto on Diagnostics.

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